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Rectober fics

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I have been posting artwork now time for some Johnlock fics.

Summary:In 1415, English archer John of Kenilworth is sent by Lord Mycroft Holmes from the field of victory at Agincourt to protect a remote French castle. Cherinfourde is under some dark cloud and John means to get to the bottom of it, in his lord's name. If only he could stop thinking about the most unusual omega he has ever met.

This fic was amazing so much fun and interesting. I had never read a alpha/omega story set in Medieval time before. John was an BAMF archer and Sherlock was beautiful and brilliant. There is period type violence and m-preg at the end of it. Delightful story and she had so many well developed characters and background to it. Her John and Sherlock managed to feel like John and Sherlock and I love that she managed to do that with this smart au.

Elegantly written you feel like you are their with them as they go through life with passion, angst, doubt, pain and romance. It is wrapped up with brilliant hot sex and a very happy and satisfying ending. :))))

Author: Magikspell
Summery:"Being inside someone. Feeling someone inside you."

What a glorious and amazing fic. Her characters were ic and the dialog was witty, funny and so tender. I have a thing for filthy fics and fluffy this is filthy fluff with rimming. She was out to set me on fire and she did it. Wow was this delightful and sexy. This fills you up with so many feels and you need a cold shower afterwards.

Sherlock was delightful a little anxious and nervous... it was very realistic. Sherlock was trying so hard to analyze every feeling and experience. John was patient and wonderful with him trying to shut his brain down and off during sex. They were working through their relationship with sex but it was more like pwp with feelings and love woven in. I think this should be read or re read again and again. :)))))))
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