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Harry/Draco Fic

Title:Wearing a Kilt
Rating:NC-17 for sex and language
Warnings: Lots of sex so if you don't like that please don't read...
betaed by the stunning mon_ami_runa she rocks!
This is for sisika who challenged me to write about H/D, kilts,guns(nothing violent)and summer. I hope you like this :)

Harry was grateful to get out of the summer heat as he walked into his and Draco's cool house. He paused looking around before he yelled "Draco! Where are you?"

"I'm up here, Harry, in the bedroom."

Harry paused in the threshold of their bedroom and took in the sight before him. Draco looked so sexy in his leather kilt with his guns strapped around his slim hips. Harry let his eyes appreciate the beauty of his husband for a few minutes as they traveled slowly all over his gorgeous body. Harry licked his lips imaging tasting every inch of the man before him.

Draco smirked and asked "Like what you see, Harry?"

Harry grinned back and answered lightly "I'm almost speechless at your beauty. What do you have on under your kilt?"

"Nothing at all" Draco purred softly and fluttered his eyes at his sexy husband. Harry swallowed and walked over to Draco then reached out to run his hand through his silky blond hair letting it fall through his fingers. Harry sighed breathing in the musky alluring sent that was all Draco. He felt his pants start to tighten as he pressed closer to Draco.

"Mm-mm I want to make love to you."

Harry walked him slowly backward to their bed and shoved Draco passionately down on the mattress. Harry quickly spelled their clothes off and slowly climbed up Draco as he kissed and sucked his way to Draco's cock. He took him into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive head as he took him all the way down his throat. He felt his throat muscles strain and burn as they stretched open.

Draco gasped "Merlin, Harry, I love your mouth."

Harry felt his cock start to almost painfully throb as he ran his tongue up the sensitive vein and swiped it over the sensitive, leaking head tasting Draco's pre-come.

"Oh! . . . my God . . . Harry, I'm going to come soon" Draco warned before coming minutes later.

Harry drank down every drop then licked his lips before he smirked at Draco "I love your taste you taste fucking amazing."

Harry slowly worked his was up to Draco's mouth pressing his lips to Draco's, sucking his tongue into his mouth. Draco shivered beneath him and retaliated by running his tongue up Harry's neck causing Harry to groan. It was a sure fire way to push his lover so much closer to needing inside. Draco gasped as Harry pressed his hips down as he whispered a stretching and lubrication spell. Harry slid two fingers inside him and slowly stretched him open. Draco deeply growled in his throat as he raked his nails up and down Harry's back and whimpered "Fuck me Harry, fuck me now."

"Wrap your legs around my waist” Harry demanded.

Draco quickly did as he was told. Harry slid inside and started to move as he felt Draco's tight muscle relax around him. His hips started to piston in and out of Draco's tight quivering hole. He angled his thrusts so he hit Draco's prostate with each thrust of his hips the bed shook with the force of Harry's hips slamming into Draco.

Draco whimpered in Harry's ear "Merlin I love to feel you deep inside me, fucking me."

He licked inside Harry's sensitive shell causing Harry to shiver at the sensation of Draco's tongue.

"I'm going to come" Harry groaned as he came deep inside his body. He collapsed and fell over beside Draco.

A bit later and still gasping Draco managed to say "I'm glad I wore that kilt."

Harry grinned “Me too. Give me a few minutes and we can go again."

Draco pressed his lips to Harry's and purred "Brilliant, lover, only this time I'll top."

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