lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Super fun Drarry story

Title: Impervius
Author: ravenclawsquill
Word Count:11,000
Summary:Harry and Draco are working together on a case in the beautiful English Lake District. Or, it would be beautiful if only it would stop raining. Fortunately, Harry has an umbrella. Unfortunately, it's pink and frilly, and Draco would rather die than share it with him.

Featuring a cursed cave, endless bickering and a pesky flock of sheep.

Why I loved it:This was so much fun to read their banter was witty and engaging. The scene with the pink umbrella was brilliant and I adored the flirting. Draco was so ic very snobby... yet arrogant a know it all but grown up and he had matured well. Harry was well so Harry with being a little reckless. He was easily distracted by Draco but you can not blame him one bit. This was such a lovely fic from hp_drizzle"> One of so many brilliant stories being posted. Also the sex is *sizzling* oh and if you enjoy rimming this one has it. *swoons*

Excerpt(optional):He took out a photograph. It showed the mouth of a large cave, yawning on the face of a grassy mountainside. The site looked pleasant enough; the cave itself looked to be formed from smooth slate, and patches of springy green bracken could be seen swaying in the breeze at its entrance.

"There’s something – possibly some kind of curse – working to draw Muggles into the cave. What happens when they’re in there, we don't know, but they’ve been turning up all over the place. We suspect they’re being transported by unregistered Portkeys."
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec

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