lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Some lovely Drarry artwork

Title: Happily Ever After
Artist: isinuyasha
Additional Notes:This was a pinch-hit so excuse the sloppy coloring and stuff. I secretly wished the Epilogue would have been like this, so obviously I had to take this prompt :)

Why I loved it:This was just a delightful and charming scene. I adored this soooooooo much. If we could have just had this as the epilogue we would have been over joyed.

The colors are beautiful and you can feel like there is so much emotion with letting their child go away to school. They look so sweet and perfect such a lovely family. I love her older version of Draco and Harry with their hair and skin tone. Harry's eye's are perfect with his shirt color. Their son is to cute with his blond hair and little glasses.

Draco is beautiful with the shape of his face and bone structure(and teary red rimmed eyes). Hermoine and Ron are in the background and it's blurry but it just adds to the scene. This would have been the best ending ever... But this makes me so happy to look at and fills me with warm fuzzy feeling.
Tags: art rec, harry/draco

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