lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A lovely Drarry fic

Title: Come Back To Me
Word Count:28,562
Warnings:Break up, get back together,flangst
Summary:Lily Malfoy-Potter could ask Father Christmas many things: a beautiful doll with glittering pink and purple robes, a stuffed kneazle just like her cousin Rose’s or even a colour-changing diadem like the princesses in the bedtime stories her Papa tells her.
But she won’t.
No, this year, she will only ask for one thing: for her Papa and Daddy to get back together and be happy again.
She just can’t wait.

Why I loved it:This story was brilliant such a beautiful way with words. It flows so well....It was very realistic and painful. It wasn't anyone's fault these things just happen sometimes. Lilly was a delightful and charming child.

So much emotion ran threw this story with the characters and the tension. The ending was all things perfect, yet it didn't feel like it was rushed in any way. Truly the ending made me all happy, warm and fuzzy. I read this in 2014 but stumbled over it again in my bookmarks and decided to re read this glorious wonderful story. I am happy I did...... :)))))))


The following days pass in a blur. Harry's brain is in denial, and he jumps whenever he hears a sound somewhere in the house. He expects to see Draco everywhere he goes. Every single piece of furniture, object, or small noise is a reminder of a life that was once full of joy and deep love. The sofa by the fireplace where they had passionate discussions, sometimes late in the night. The kitchen where they would meet after a long day at work. Or the dining table, the first piece of furniture they had christened the day they had moved in together, having been too impatient to get to the bed.

But these days are gone. Harry has to get on with his life, his new life without Draco and it's hard. It's fucking hard. The first few days, whenever Harry makes tea, he takes out two cups, before realizing that things don't go in twos anymore in his life. But reality slowly sinks in, whenever he goes to bed and it's empty and cold. For some reason, he now sleeps on Draco's side, on his pillow, trying to catch the fading scent of the man he is still so deeply in love with, it drives him crazy.
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec

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