lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Christmas Afternoon: Viggo/Orlando

Christmas Afternoon:Part Three



Warnings: Sex and fluff

This is the third part of the story. There is sex in this part so you are warned.

This never happened. It's not true.

Betaed by the wonderfulmews1945 thanks!

Viggo leans forward to kiss Orli on the lips, their mouths open and their tongues thrust inside each others mouths, playfully dueling for dominance.

Viggo's lips and hands are gently gliding over Orlando's body, kissing and touching every inch of skin.

They lie down on the plush carpet and remove each others clothing, taking their time. Their hands explore naked skin.

Viggo prepares Orli tenderly; when he is ready for him Viggo sinks into him. Viggo begins to rock into him, with slow, sure strokes, making love to him.

Orli wraps his long legs around Viggo's waist. Viggo pants" I'm going to come angel," in Orli's ear. After Viggo pulls out of Orli and flips them over so he is on his back.

Orlando sends him a burning look when he does this.

"Ride me baby," Viggo rasps.

He starts to ride Viggo until he comes inside of him. Orli collapses on top of him. They catch their breath and Orli says,"This Christmas keeps getting better and better." Merry Christmas filthy human."

"Merry Christmas prissy elf" Viggo smirks back.

Tags: lijahlover, viggo/orlando

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