lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah Part One and Two

Rating:NC-17 for sex and language
Warnings:Elijah and Dom take a bath together after filming.
This is more of my fantasy i'm not saying they ever did this!
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!

I posted this once awhile ago but thought I'd post it again for those of you I just friended so you might enjoy the hotness of these two fics. :)

This is by the wonderfulsummershobbit thanks!:D

Elijah obsession-summershobbit

Elijah sighs and leans back as Dom runs his hands, slowly and firmly over every inch of his slick, wet skin. Elijah loves to take a bath with Dom when they get the chance after a hard day of filming.

Dom's skin and body is on fire for this beautiful, stunning man who's pressing against him. He caresses every inch of his back, massaging his tight muscles in his neck and shoulders, rubbing away the tension of the day spent shooting the ROTK. He feels his tight muscles start to relax under his firm strokes and starts to think about stroking him firmly elsewhere. He slowly moves his hand down Elijah's body and takes his cock in his hand and starts to slowly run it up and down him, causing Elijah to gasp and deeply moan with the building pleasure running through his body.

"You feel so fucking good in my hand."

"Yes Dom", Elijah pleads, "don't stop."

"I won't stop until you come for me." Dom growls.

Dom feels that Elijah is close as he speeds up his hand and slides his fingers inside and starts to spread him slowly open.

Elijah yells Dom's name as he comes in the cooling water.

"Fucking ride me lij now. I need to take you, claim you and make you mine body and soul."

"Fuck yes, Dom, I'm always yours," he pants as he turns around and slowly slides down Dom's cock, loving to feel his body stretch and burn with Dom buried deep inside his tight opening.

"Mm-mm," growls Dom. "You feel so tight and hot wrapped around me." As he starts to thrust in Elijah, causing the water to spill over the side of the tub.

Elijah takes over and starts to ride Dom and slams down hard again and again as Dom grips his arms digging his nails into Elijah's skin, marking, branding him as his own. Dom is coming all to soon and Elijah leans over to press a tender kiss on Dom's mouth.

"Lets get out of the tub and take this to the bedroom Dom," says Elijah as he gets out of the water.

"I want to kiss and lick you all over your body, fuck you all night long," Dom growls as he starts to kiss and lead him to their bedroom.

Part Two
Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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