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Fic rec-Johnlock

Title:The Legacy of Martha J. Hudson(Link goes to A03)
Word count: 40,725
Pairing: Johnlock
Rating: NC-17
Summary:A story of wrongs made right, of love and of death and of vengeance.

I adored this story so much what a lovely pace. It was so powerful and intriguing. Everything was perfect the sex and romance and then the vengeance. This is what I want to happen in season 4 mostly. I do want Mrs. Hudson to survive though. Mycroft was amazing and wonderful. He was such a help to them with everything they needed. I want to keep Mycroft for my very own savior/helper.

It is so easy to be sucked into this story and loose yourself with everything going on. I of coarse felt sadness, yet also warm and fuzzy. And did I mention how amazing and mind numbing the sex was?????

The ending wrapped everything up beautifully. It felt like I was in Prague with them what with all the vivid detail.

A smallish excerpt:

“You spend time here with him, working on cases and eating together as though you still live here, and then you go home to them. Always late. Always leaving this house as though it’s a chore. I’ve seen your face. And the other night, when I brought the casserole up and we all sat around talking afterward, it took you four different times to say you were going to go before you actually went. I don’t know what you call that, but I call it – ”

“Please don’t,” John interrupts, cringing.

“ – reluctance,” Mrs Hudson says, finishing mercilessly. Her eyes are boring into his face like twin drills, waiting for him to try to deny it.

John picks up the spoon he used to stir the milk in his tea and makes a vague gesture with it, then puts it down again. His chin ducks, his mouth pursing. He doesn’t know what to say. She knows, he thinks. He cannot deny it. She would know he was lying. Mrs Hudson is far closer to Sherlock than she is to him – and that’s another whole story, but – she has also become closer to him than his own, estranged mother. She knows him, knows him and Sherlock both. He should have known she’d see it, catch on, after the other night. It was the first evening the three of them had spent together since Christmas, since everything happened with Magnussen.
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