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A brilliant Drarry story

Title: It's Not Enough, Just a Touch
Author:Anon for now
Word Count:11798
Summary:Harry Potter rushed into marriage, eager to start a family of his own, only to realize too late where his true preferences lie. Now, there is no turning back as he waits nervously in this restaurant, knowing nothing will ever be the same again.

Why I loved it:This is one of the most amazing fics. It is from the dracotops_harry fest. It is angsty and gorgeously written. The story is very fast paced and the author has such a beautiful way with words.

The temptation always increases during the night. As darkness spreads throughout the house, Harry’s desires build and rise inside like a turbulent storm, ready to break at any moment. He can hardly contain the waves of want that crash through him as hides away in his study.....No one can blame Harry for wanting Draco...I could see why with the way she had of describing Draco in the story. Harry and Draco are good men just both married for wrong reasons and in Harry's case way to young.

I usually shy away from infidelity fics, yet knew right away this one is worth reading. The sex was *delicious* and had rimming in it *swoons* You should read this it is captivating just so beautiful.

Excerpt(optional):“Malfoy!” Harry startlingly exclaims, “What are you doing here?”

“Shopping, Potter…” Malfoy raises an eyebrow, “Same as you I imagine.”

Malfoy smirks at his own reply, but his eyes light up playfully. The expression is so at odds with the image of Malfoy Harry has crafted from so long ago, he finds himself a bit speechless.

“Right, of course,” Harry chuckles in return before handing Malfoy the book they both have reached for, “Shall we check if they have an other in the back?”

It has been years since Harry has seen Malfoy up close like this and it is shocking to see how much the other man has changed. Sure, he has seen Malfoy in passing, on the streets here and there, sometimes from afar at the ministry—he certainly saw the wedding photos of Malfoy and Astoria that plastered the social pages of The Daily Prophet—but those had all been quick glimpses. Standing before him was no longer the pale and haunted boy from his past but rather a healthy man who has finally grown into his pointy features. Malfoy is still slender, and even taller than before, but his smooth skin has much more colour now and his hair is artfully cut; shorter on the sides and a bit longer in the front, falling softly over his forehead.


Merlin, Harry is staring and still gripping onto a corner of the book.

“Right, yes let’s go find another copy,” Harry coughs and releases the book as they both move towards the front of the store.
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec

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