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H/D hot Alpha/Omega story

Title: Savages
Author:Anon for now
Word Count:11k
Warnings:Alpha/Omega if that may bother you
Summary: Since he met Draco, Harry dreads the nights of the full moon. With his friend came a delicious smell and a terrible need to fuck. He knew Draco kept a secret, but only realized the seriousness of it when he began researching an ancient civilization of werewolves and his friend wanted him to forget it vehemently. But Harry also kept his own secrets, and he would go all the way to find out the truth.

Why I loved it:I loved everything about this story the legend of the moon wolves and pace was brilliant. I could feel the tension between them it would boil and writhe. The sex was explosive and steamy just makes you *swoon* It hits my rough sex with sense of smell kink I have. :) Draco hated being an omega but wants to submit once he finds his true mate. He is conflicted and torn with his head and his heart at war with each other.

I loved Luna in the story as well she was a free spirit and was a great friend to Harry. Harry's son that he had with Luna from a one time thing was such a cutie pie.

Excerpt(optional):The Legend of the Moon Wolves, an ancient tribe of werewolves that lived hidden for many centuries. It was a kind of personal Atlantis for Harry, and Draco was trying to make his companion forget it. Not because he thought Potter was crazy. Quite the opposite. It was because he knew it was true.
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec

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