lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco Challenge

Shiver Part Two
Author: lijahlover
Challenge:H/D100 Challenge Hands
Word Count:100
Rating:NC-17 for oral sex and one curse word.
Warnings:Sex between two sexy wizards...
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine.

This is forroellij you asked for more :)

Harry slowly worked his way down Draco's stomach feeling Draco's muscles clench as his tongue licked lower. Harry's hands spread Draco's thighs further apart and started sucking and kissing his inner thigh. "Please" gasped Draco "I need you to suck me Harry." Harry kissed his other thigh and took him into his mouth to quickly deep throat him and worked his way back up... he swirled his tongue around the sensitive head of his cock and flicked his tongue in Draco's slit loving the taste of him. Draco gasped out"Fuck me, Harry." "Soon love I promised I'd go slow."

Tags: hands, harry/draco, lijahlover

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