lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco Challenge: The Word Green

Tittle:Taking a break




Word Count:100x1


Betaed by no one all mistakes are mine

Draco leans against the side of the wall on his break, taking a drag of his fag, inhaling deeply into his lunges, exhaling he sees something approaching.

An old beat up car parks and a man gets out.

Draco rakes his eyes over him appreciatively, enjoying the view. The stranger has on a dark green tight shirt, low rise jeans that hang off his lean hips. Draco loves his messy I just got shagged look. He wants to take him right there, pull off those faded jeans and bend him over the hood. He snapes out of his fantasy when he notices that his dream guy is walking toward him with a predatory look in his brilliant green eyes.

He stops a few inches away from Draco, he reaches out and takes the fag, he takes a pull and inhales the thick smoke, he exhales and smirks at Draco.

"Hey" Draco smirks back. "What's your name gorgeous?"

"Harry" purrs the stranger as he licks his lips. "What's yours beautiful?"

"Draco", Lets go someplace tonight"

"Okay lets go to your bed," Harry replies.

Draco grabs Harry and crushes him to him in a fiery kiss.

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