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Fic rec-State of Flux

Title:State of Flux
Author: Atiki
Pairing: Johnlock
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC,
Author's summary:John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs).
Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they're both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

Reccer's comments:This is so romantic every word perfect. Everyone deserves to be loved like Sherlock loves John. This story is so beautiful and gives me all the feels. If any two are soulmates and fated to be together it is Sherlock and John.

Sherlock has some insecurity and John has steadfastness both very ic. You feel like they both have respect and care for each other. The buildup is slow and satisfying I love all the little detail she weaves into the story.

I will share just this paragraph with you......."Sometimes moments of recognition just happen when you least expect them. And right now, with John completely safe and at ease in his arms, Sherlock understands. He understands that he and John cannot be apart, and they never will be. He understands that one day, he will have a cottage in Sussex and bee hives and his curls will be greying, and he will need reading glasses, and he understands that when that happens, John will still be here."

Awwwwwwwww so sweet so do yourself a favor and read this gem or re read it. :)
Tags: fic, rec, sherlock/john

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