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A lovely Veela H/D rec

Title: Only In Hopes of Dreaming
Word Count:17,549
Warnings:They discuss M-Preg and Non Con yet nothing happens in the story
Summary:When Harry wakes up blind and in pain, he relies on the help of the stranger who took him in - a stranger he is rapidly falling for. Except the stranger isn't really a stranger, and what he's hiding could tear them apart before they begin.

Why I loved it:This is a beautiful story she has such a way with words and detail. They way she writes both pov's just amaze me. Such a way of making you feel like you are in with them watching the story unfold before your eyes. If you love Veela stories please check this one out it has a Veela Draco who is brilliant with making potions. George and Hermione are fantastic friends I love them both. Harry struggles with so many changes and does what he has to do to make the most out of being a Veela himself. They come together beautifully the sex is brilliant the end perfect.

It had been years of waiting, never knowing which would be the one to change his life. To change Potter’s life. July 31st came and went four times, but the fifth had brought the anticipation to its end.

Potter whimpered in his sleep, and Draco laid the cool back of his hand against the other man’s feverish cheek. It was surreal, having his school rival in his bed, but dread alone filled Draco’s chest as he watched Harry’s limbs twitch.

The passing years had offered no solution, no reasonable way to handle the situation at hand. Inevitably Potter would wake and ask his questions and Draco would not be able to put him off any longer. Potter would demand to know where he was, why he couldn’t see, and why he was something more than human. Draco would take full advantage of the temporary blindness and voice-changing spells as long as he could, but eventually Potter would have to know the truth.

God and Merlin help him when Draco had to confess that it was all his doing.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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