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More Than That-H/D rec

Title: More Than That
Word Count:10964
Summary:This is the story about two 52 year old men that refuse to age gracefully.

Why I loved it:This was so fantastically brilliant. I loved the pov it was perfect with the sarcastic and witty perspective of Draco. Harry and Draco are older and weary but are finding out just how perfect they are for each other. The fluff isn't over done and it is a delightful fic with lots of funny and charming lines in it. I adore Neville and Draco's friendship, Neville teases Draco throughout the story. Ohhhh to be that awesome and funny when I am older. :))))) They mellow with age, yet manage to be so young at heart and snarky with each other. I could go on and on about this brilliant story just do yourself a favor and read it. Or re read it like I just did. :))))))

Excerpt(optional):“Potter,” Draco repeated. “I am asking you as one wizard to another, please, the dramatics need to end.”

Potter’s eyes flickered up and widened comically. “Excuse me? Dramatics?” His hair was a fright, shoved messily back from his face and tangled around his ears. He seemed to be trapped in a permanent state of extreme frustration.

“Yes,” to illustrate, Draco messed up his own hair and stomped around the classroom, shoulders hunched, in what he thought was a fairly brilliant impression. Potter just stared at him as if he was mad, so Draco was forced to elaborate. “You’re acting like you don’t want to be here- you’re being completely horrible. I suggest that you leave, before you put the first years off being a wizard altogether.”

That seemed to do the trick, because Potter looked a bit contrite.

“I didn’t mean to-“ he trailed off and stared desolately at the ruined parchment in front of him. “I didn't think it was that obvious.”

“You're an idiot,” Draco said. He tapped the parchment, “here look you just marked her down because she didn't use her full name on the top. Even I would say that was unduly harsh.”

“Merlin,” Potter groaned. “I've become Snape.”

Draco sniffed. “Don't flatter yourself.”
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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