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Signal boost - I'm in a very bad financial place and facing the possibility of being homeless.

Guys, any help you could send this person would be amazing. Please, pass the word along if you can.


Originally posted by badbastion at Please help - I'm in a very bad financial place and facing the possibility of being homeless.
I hate asking for help and try to save it for times when I absolutely need it, and now is one of those times.

From myGoFundMe site:

I'm in deep financial straits, and I have to ask for help or else I won't make it.

My cats recently got fleas, and when my boyfriend called his mom to ask for help getting them treated/treating our apartment, she decided to withdraw all financial help from us. She's been sending us $400-500 a month to help out with bills until my boyfriend gets disability (which *should* take about 4 more months, they say) but now that she's no longer willing to help, we don't have a way to pay the bills/treat the cats/buy groceries/pay for meds/continue staying in our apartment. We currently have $120 in our bank account.

Please help us. We don't have any local friends, and there's no room at my family's house - they're packed in. We're facing the very real prospect of being homeless. The amount I've stated should allow us to get flea treatment and cover bills for the next 4-5 months.

Thank you for reading.


Any amount will help, even just a few dollars. It adds up. If you don't want to do gofundme, you can paypal me a donation to

I'm also offering commissions. $25 per character colored + $25 for a background, or $15 per character clean sketch plus $15 for background. I'll draw any fandom, any characters, any kinks.

If you can't help monetarily but still want to help, please consider spreading the word on LJ or twitter or tumblr.

Thank you so much for reading, and I'm sorry I'm coming to my journal with my hand held out once again. I'm also sorry if I'm coming across as short, but I'm just kind of in shock, and completely terrified.
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