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07 April 2015 @ 12:09 am
Tuesday is yummy  
I think I will post a man that makes you just go *wow* Shemar Moore...My friend heyurs requested him so here you go, you are welcome..... :DDDDDDDDDD

addie71addie71 on April 7th, 2015 11:35 am (UTC)
He's gorgeous.
lijahloverlijahlover on April 8th, 2015 11:14 pm (UTC)
I know he is perfection :)
(Deleted comment)
lijahlover: Benedict in bluelijahlover on April 8th, 2015 11:14 pm (UTC)
I know he has such a wonderful warm smile :)
O Demanding One: Express: Awesomesauce!heyurs on April 7th, 2015 05:58 pm (UTC)


*falls over* THUNK

Cuh LAWD, have mercy! YUM! Now I could really eat him up! WOOT! *LOLOL*

Thank you, Baby! Made by day just now! ;) ♥♥

*smooches you*

lijahloverlijahlover on April 8th, 2015 11:15 pm (UTC)
You are welcome *hugs and smooches*
O Demanding One: Urs: Lead Me Not Into Temptationheyurs on April 7th, 2015 06:01 pm (UTC)

I just saved this to my memories--today sure is YUMMY! EEEEEEEE! xD

Edited at 2015-04-07 06:02 pm (UTC)
lijahlover: A cosmopalitian woman at a tablelijahlover on April 8th, 2015 11:15 pm (UTC)
ranmaruranmaru on April 14th, 2015 02:50 pm (UTC)
Always a pretty site on instagram! LOL
lijahloverlijahlover on April 17th, 2015 02:06 am (UTC)
Oh yes he would be :)