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Boosting the signal

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On behalf of chibitoaster:

I know this seems really impossible, and I'm so far off of my goal. Even with cashing in my retirement (which I've started to do), I won't have enough, but I'm grasping at straws in the hopes that someone knows someone who knows someone who can help.

But my son, his girlfriend and I and our cats are about to become homeless. Really, homeless. Car option will be my 2011 Ford Focus.

If anyone knows anyone… I’m just praying for a miracle here ‘cause we’ve tried selling off our stuff, we’ve tried asking, begging, getting a mortgage, getting a personal loan, and we’re out of options.

They need an answer or some sort of action in the next two days.

Buying the house will take $45,000. I have no idea how I can get that, but I know that we and all our stuff will be on the streets at the end of February if we can’t find a solution.

PLEASE signal boost.


I’ve been giving my whole life. Volunteering, helping homeless kids. Helping kids who are cutters and whose parents kicked them out. Rescued six cats with medical problems/broken bones/abandoned.

I’m the giving tree that’s been cut down to a stump, and now there’s nothing left.

Here’s a link to my gofundme.

I’m also out of bipoloar meds and I don’t know if I can survive not having a home to return to when I come back from Korea.

I will trade art, comics, whatever you like for donations. I will take commissions, I’ll draw, paint, do graphic design for you.

I just desperately need help, and I don’t know where else to turn.

Please help in any way you can, whether by donating or spreading the word. Thank you.
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