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A fantastic H/D story

Title:On The Turning Away
Author:Anon for now
Word Count:25,500 ish
Summary:It's one thing to be good at not making a besotted fool of yourself over a man when he's busy being the most famous wizard in the world and you're tucked away quietly in Wiltshire. It's quite another when you have to see him every morning.

Why I loved it:This is from hd_erised and it is fantastic. It was so engaging and every word flowed so easily it could have been longer and I would have been happy. This writer has a way of writing that makes her characters rich and come alive in all kinds of ways. Draco is at his sarcastic, witty best and I love his fun banter with Harry. Harry was delightful and charming I could see why Draco was besotted. Even her oc character Wallace was fantastic and so interesting. I adore all the characters in this and it made me happy to read about them.

Excerpt(rather large):

Since the war, whenever I’d seen him he’d looked as though he had the weight of the world upon his shoulders. And now … It had stopped being a metaphor. He was even sitting a little off centre, keeping his weight on his left side … I’d read that he’d broken over a dozen bones in the explosion. And saved hundreds of lives.

‘What makes you think I’d have time?’

I shrugged again. Everyone knew that he had time. Granger and Weasley would doubtless be sharing some token celebration with him, but they had a baby in tow. Girl Weasley and Oliver Wood had been the Daily Prophet’s cover seventeen times since their relationship began in February. I could only imagine how awkward Christmas at Weasley Central would be.

‘And what on earth makes you think I’d be prepared to re-organise my holiday for you?’

I had an actual answer for that. 'I'm one of your success stories,' I reminded him. 'Not a single instance of public evil since you defeated He Who Whatsit.'

He actually smiled at that, but still shook his head. 'I'm not spending my holidays trekking out into the wilds of Wiltshire because you're mildly amusing, Malfoy.'

You're not going to visit the house where your friend was tortured, I thought. 'You won't have to,' I told him. 'I live in town now,'

Potter was surprised. 'London?'

I may have oversold things a little … 'Salisbury,' I corrected myself. 'But it's Plottable, and near the Minster Street Owlery, which is on the Floo Network, if you prefer.'
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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