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Such amazing artwork of H/D

Title:Stay with me before I leave
Additional Notes:Pencil drawn and computer

Why I loved it:First this was my prompt I left at hd_fanart and I love it so much. The colors and lines are perfectly done. It has an intimate feel to it and the background is gorgeous. I love how the willow tree is shading them and surrounding them while they are wrapped up in each other. The texture is soothing and comforting and the flowers seem to explode all around them with bright color. They both look so warm and content together.

What she did with my prompt made me very happy.

Title:In the Autumn
Additional Notes:Watercolor

Why I loved it:This was my prompt from hd_fanart and I adored it so much. The soft pastel colors she picked were so lovely. I adore the robe Draco is wearing with the soft look and the detail in every stroke. I adore them older and I think Harry's hair is perfection with the salt and pepper in his temples. Their eyes are so pretty and I love the warmth expressed in them. I must say how fit and trim they have stayed all these years makes them look super fine. :)

I am so happy with what was done with my prompt.

Title:Happy days in Kyoto
Additional Notes:Watercolors-Slideshow made on iphoto

Why I loved it:This video was brilliant every panel was perfection. I enjoyed watching the colors go from muted to colorful. The music was a great choice, it makes you feel happy. Harry and Draco look amazing in their Japanese clothing. The food and flowers were lovely in the detail. It gave the album a warm feeling. It had to take a long time to make and it was brilliantly drawn. A wonderful and gorgeous idea with the prompt.

hd_fanart rocked this year as always :)
Tags: art drawn for me, art rec, harry/draco, rec

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