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Harry/Draco:Fic rec-Leaves of Memory

Title: Leaves of Memory
Author: oldenuf2nb
Word Count: 19,277 both parts
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Authors Summary: One generation removed from the second great war against darkness, the wizarding world seems in danger of forgetting the lessons learned through loss and pain. Headmistress McGonagall has a plan to both teach the young exactly what the war meant, and to ensure that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome them home.
Authors Website: LJ
Why everyone should read this: This story was amazingly written I was completely engrossed in the beautiful imagery(It felt like you were there with them). oldenuf2nb is never not brilliant and her stories should always be longer. This was such a captivating fic. The descriptions were very powerful and moving, I loved the fast pace to the story. I loved all the characters Harry and Draco were so mature and needed each other badly. The ending was perfect and romantic.

Ginny had actually figured him out before he’d managed to do it himself. He’d said he wanted only her, but she’d hesitated.

“You spend a bit too much time checking out other men’s arses, Harry,” she’d explained to his horror. “And sixth year, all you did was obsess about Malfoy.”

“It’s not the same, Ginny,” he’d argued. “I love you. With him it was…”

“I know.” She rolled her eyes. “He was ‘up to something’.”

“Well, he was!”

“You’re right,” she said with a long suffering sigh. “He was. But he also had one of the finest arses in school. There’s nothing wrong with you noticing.”

Harry thought there was something very wrong with him noticing, and refused to even discuss it with her after that. But he thought about it. A lot. And to his horror, he had to acknowledge, at least to himself, that he had noticed. It wasn’t like he wanted Malfoy or anything. That was just…wrong. And terrifying. But there was something about the evil git. With his white blond hair and his steel grey eyes, his aristocratic features and elegant bearing, all of sixth year Harry had scarcely been able to keep his eyes off of him. He told himself it was because he’d known something wasn’t right about Malfoy that year. But Harry had several deeply erotic dreams that featured the long limbed, haunted eyed bastard, and his fear had fueled his anger and his suspicion. He almost convinced himself that he was under some sort of nasty spell. But then Snape killed Dumbledore and Malfoy was the last thing on his mind for months. Until he’d come face to face with him in the Room of Requirement.
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