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A lovely Harry/Draco rec

Title: Stories in E Minor">
Author: hurldrejenta
Word Count: 8.5 k
Alternate Links to Fic: A03
Author's Summary: Draco has found his place in the Muggle world. He's got his music, he's got his neighbors and he is content. Until a certain someone from the past enters his life again.
Author's Website: LJ
Why everyone should read this: I have always adored it when Draco plays a piano and she writes him beautifully. You could feel the atmosphere wrap around you and it felt warm and smooth. Draco played with such passion and heartbreak and I felt his longing. I loved the pov from Draco and how passionate he was about his music. Harry and his Friday night's were perfect, you could feel them falling one another. Harry slowly became a part of Draco's life and vise versa.

"Draco Malfoy!"

He's taking a quick break, not quite certain how he made it this far with a pair of green eyes on him. And now Harry is standing there, closely followed by two ginger kids.

"I couldn't believe it was you. Wow! Here you are. A jazz pianist."

Black curls dance as Harry talks, he's so bloody cheery, as if seeing Draco after all these years is the best thing that could possibly have happened.

"I'd love to catch up," Harry says. He doesn't seem to think that's a strange thing to say at all. Because after all, what could be more natural than some friendly catch-up between old enemies?

"I have to take the kids home." Of course. These are probably Harry's children. Their colours scream the Weaselette. "This is Rose and Hugo," Harry says, and isn't that nice. "You know, Ron and Hermione's kids. Or maybe you didn't know. They're married now, sickeningly happy with a white-painted cottage and good jobs and two point three children." Harry's smile is wide. "I'm lucky enough to borrow Rose and Hugo here from time to time. We do all sorts of things together. This is the first time we've been to a jazz club, though. And this isn't very interesting for you to listen to."


Harry clears his throat. "Anyway. When do you finish? I'd love to hear you play some more."
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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