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06 November 2014 @ 09:36 pm
Harry/Draco gorgeous artwork  
Title: Willingly Given
Work safe?: No
Gaining Access: N/A
Alternate Links to Art: N/A
Artist's Website: LJ
Why you chose this piece:This is amazing and so hot and sexy. I have a thing for vampires and this is scorching. I adore Harry and the drops of blood running down Draco's neck. His posture is submissive and makes me *pant* The look of contentment on Draco's face is lovely along with his perfect lips.

Draco's torso is flawless and his hand down his pants is just *guh* I also love how she drew Harry's leg wrapping around Draco's thigh.

I also have a thing for hands and she always gets them drawn exactly perfect just so swoon worthy.

The shading and the realism of her drawings they are gloriously done. I can't get enough of just staring at this brilliant drawing... it is definitely one of my many favorite's. I know I say this every time I see a new drawing. :)))))))))