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I'm going back in time.....

At hp_reunion they thought it would be fun to go back to our first post. I did and it was kinda sad. But back then I didn't really think I would use it to much and I would mostly use it to read stories that were locked and post drabbles every once in awhile.

This was the first thing I posted back then a Domlijah drabble.

Title: Longing

Dom looked at Elijah with longing, every day was the same. One day he would walk up and tell him how he felt . Working day by day together was difficult. The nights were long and lonely. If only he could find the courage to tell him. He would tell him how beautiful he was inside and out, he would tell him his eyes were more blue than the sky. He was in love with his friend. Dom had no way of knowing that Elijah felt exactly the same way.


This was the same day just a little later.

What a week I have had. It has been so busy. My husband Mr.lijahlover had to go out and get a full time job. He is a relator and the market is to slow here in Kansas. I have two kids. D my son is 12.T my daughter is 11.They are both doing very well in school. I work part time at Children's Place a clothing store, I also clean houses. It will only get more busy once Christmas gets closer.

This only had 2 comments and one was mine and the other was mews1945. :)

She and kitcat were two of my earliest friends. They told me how to use icons with my posts and lj cuts etc.

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