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Classic LOTR for Rectober


Title:Green Glass 1-18
Pairing: Orlibean
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Rating:NC-17 in later chapters
Warnings: An AU romance
Summery: Love really is the sweetest thing.

Why I loved it: First things first I loved it because these two men are *yummy* together....For one of my last rec's this fine month I'm going way back to 2004. I adore this story so much I think about it often and think I should re read it. I have read it many times though and never stop loving it. This is a brilliantly written story that is just perfect. Sean and Orli are beautiful together and were always able to make me *swoon* I have a thing for young innocent Orlando and a rugged older Sean Bean.

The story was set in a Musical theatre and that was perfect. I also loved the fun banter between all the characters. The side characters are all delightfully charming and engaging. This was one fantastic and charming story. I do so love a fairy tale type fic. *happy sighs* This was always one of my personal favorite fics of these two sexy men.

Here is a link to other one shots in the same verse Green Glass universe">

An excerpt:
Peering from beneath his eyelashes Orlando looked out into the dimly lit stalls to where Dave Wenham, the chief lighting engineer, was leaning over a bank of sophisticated electronics. The man with him looked to be in his thirties, muscular but not muscle-bound and with short, dark-blond hair that was currently falling raggedly across his forehead, shading his eyes. From his position on the apron Orlando couldn’t see their colour and suddenly he wished very much that he could.

Because the face…the face was simply stunning. A strong chin with just a hint of stubble, wide cheekbones, a sensuous mouth. There was something about this man that seemed to draw his gaze, something that made goose-bumps ghost over his skin like invisible kisses.

The man was dressed casually in faded jeans and a blue checked shirt, much like any other member of the back stage crew. He appeared to be talking to Dave about the lighting rig but in the next instant he had raised his head and was looking over to where Orlando sat with Dominic.

Orlando dropped his head and willed away the warm flush that threatened to colour his cheeks. "Who is he?" He whispered, stealing a shy glance before quickly averting his eyes.
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