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Something unusual for Rectober

For my next Rectober entry I decided to suggest this amazing Harry/Scorpius fic.

Title:There are NO Innocent Vampires
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: ( 48/22 )
Summary: Scorpius was the best of Auror Potter's new recruits, but a summer evening spent celebrating the end of training with friends around a magical fire in the woods changed Scorpius' destiny. Now Harry must fight Ministry protocol, Malfoy family secrets, and the carnal claims of a Dark creature in order to learn who he can trust – and who wants Scorpius dead.
Warning(s): Violence, bloodplay, dubcon
Word Count: ~30k
Author's Notes:
The story contains vampires from Scottish mythology. Here's a link to learn a little about them. Baobhan Sith.

What I loved about it:
This was the most unique but amazingly wonderful and brilliant vampire stories I have read. It's so different the Scotish legend is very cool. This is a fast paced story and hardly seems like 30k words. I was actually sorry to see it end. She develops a original plot line perfectly.

I keep posting vampire stories, it is just the month for them and this one is very different than most.
Tags: harry/scorpius, rec, rectober, squeeeeeee

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