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Some romantic vampire fluff for Rectober

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Title:Waiting for the Promise of Forever
Author: Anonymous
Prompt: #8 by lijahlover
Creature: Vampire
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word Count: ~6,400
Rating: R to be safe

Summary: Harry and Draco have been in a relationship for practically a decade, but Harry is still reluctant to bond with Draco. A jealous admirer decided that if Harry wouldn’t, then he would.

Why I loved it: It was romantic and sweet and written for one of my prompts. I love what she did with it and how brilliant the story flowed. Harry and Draco were so lovely together and in a established relationship. I adore romantic, fluffy vampire fics so much. :)))))))))

Pansy was perfect with her love of muggle books and films.

I also loved Harry and Draco's fun banter.

The fest has just started at hp_creatures yet I have loved all the clever entries so far.


Draco looked up from his journal at the knock on his lab door and cast a quick Tempus charm. The door opened to reveal his long-time boyfriend and he put his quill down, smiling at his boyfriend in greeting.

“Hey, Harry,” he said as he stood up, walking around his desk to stand before Harry and allowed him to pull him close and pressed a kiss on his mouth. “You’re a bit early today.”

“The sun’s setting earlier,” Harry answered as he trailed kisses down Draco’s jaw. “Did you forget dinner again?”

“I might have,” Draco replied, gasping when he felt Harry nipping at his throat, his teeth grazing the skin over his jugular vein. “Hungry?”

“Always, for you,” Harry said with a grin and Draco rolled his eyes; he always did that whenever Harry did or said something cheesy.
Tags: harry/draco, rec, rectober, squeeeeeee

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