lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

More for Rectober

I have a Severus and Harry story this time that amazed me.

The Sensible Garden (NC-17, 139143 words, S/H, Minor character death, H/C, Romance)

This story was gloriously written by RaeWhit the characters were very ic. It was 22 chapters of brilliant character development and a slow build to romance. The story is all about life both good, bad and the journey along the way. This story shows that life may break our heart, yet we keep going and it will get better. This made me all teary in places and so happy in others.

Severus and Harry were both written so beautifully and every word was perfection. I love the way she wrote about all the wonderful flowers, lots of research went into this story. They were brought together with their mutual love of flowers and gardens.

To quote the author life does go on, love does find a way and joy can indeed be born out of ashes.
Tags: rec, rectober, snape/harry, squeeeeeee

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