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Something different for Rectober

I have decided to do something different for this rec. birdsofshore once said I should read fics because my voice is so sexy. Not sure I feel the same, yet decided to read one of my favorite hp_silence"> fics. I have it linked so you can just read it if you'd like to. Sorry about any weird background noise. :))))

Author: dicta_contrion written for vaysh
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Semi public sex
Word Count: 1765
Summary: To fuck is not to know. You like it like that. Except. Tonight. Next to the bar. You won’t learn a face but you know that hair, that walk, know the jut of that hip and the smirk on those lips, and though it’s been ten years he is no less to you. You feel him the way you feel your own hands, your feet, the thrum of the room.

Why I loved it: This was gorgeously written like poetry. I love the 2nd person pov it's like your in the room watching them and it's so gloriously sexy. You can feel the tension and the beat of the club surround Harry. Harry is drowning and you can tell he is hollow inside. Draco seems ic to me with his taunting Harry.

The atmosphere surrounds them and you can feel the push and pull between Harry and Draco. This was exquisite, beautiful writing. The ending was lovely and perfect.

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Tags: harry/draco, rec, rectober, squeeeeeee, voice post

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