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This is guh worthy :D

Title:Worth The Wound
Author: kizza
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,799 (2 chapters)
Summary: John would not, before tonight, ever have thought he'd have a reason to be happy that a band of Chinese smugglers mistook him for Sherlock and so pistol whipped, then kidnapped him. However, as he sits next to Sherlock in the cab home from the tramway, Sherlock's reaction gives him the best reason in the world.

This was sooooooooo sexy and OMG hot....I loved the desperation and frantic feel to the story. Sherlock and John were brilliantly written and I remember whimpering over the hotness of this *delicious* story. The Blind Banker is missing this scene. :)

This story even has Military kink in it John in control and wow is it brain meltingly sexy. Go and read this you wont be sorry you did. You may need a freezing cold shower after you read this melting hot story. There is filthy kissing, moaning and begging oh my *licks lips* :))))

Captain, put your mouth to better use than talking. Mark everyone can see I'm yours.

John complies with a growl that clearly goes straight to Sherlock’s groin - judging by the way he bucks up against John even before John’s teeth latch onto the pulse point - and he sucks, hands kneading Sherlock’s fucking fantastic arse at the same time. Sherlock’s moans are shockingly loud but the way he melts into John - like a kitten rendered immobile by a grab to the scruff of its neck - is even more surprising. John can almost feel the tension draining out of Sherlock’s muscles as he continues to bite, suck and lave Sherlock’s skin until he’s certain his handiwork will leave a sufficiently obvious bruise.

‘God, Sherlock,’ he gasps, desperate to do something more but uncertain exactly what more should entail when the half of the partnership who actually seems to know how this is supposed to go is currently so blissed out they appear incapable of movement. ‘Please …. tell me what to do.’

‘Take me to bed,’ Sherlock pants out into the crook of John’s neck. ‘And then take me.’
Tags: rec, sherlock/john, squeeeeeee

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