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A brilliant H/D Veela

Title:The Weight of Eternity
Author: envy_venis
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,859
Warnings: Angst and rimming during sex.(If your like me rimming makes you want to read it more. :D
Summary:Desperate for survival, Draco takes what he needs from others while avoiding the one he is meant to be with. His newfound compassion will not allow him to trap the one he loves, even if it means his own life is the price paid for Harry's freedom of choice.

Why I loved it: This has to be one of the best Veela stories I have ever read it is flawless. The sex is all things gorgeous, sexy and perfect. it doesn't feel as if you are reading 20 plus words at all the way the story flows. And did I mention that there is rimming in this delightful story??? *g*

Draco is charming and wonderful I do adore him he is so beautiful inside and out. Who couldn't fall in love with him?

Harry is a healer and I loooooooove it when he isn't always an Auror   It's nice to read stories about him helping others.  This is a heartwarming story you definitely need to read this asap.

I don’t need you to be my healer, Harry,” Draco interrupts. “What I need from you is far more than I’d ever dare to ask. More than you’d be able to give me.” He doesn’t know where these words are coming from, or why. His mind is foggy, drunk with need, and before he can say more, something inside him decides that perhaps showing is easier than explaining.

Fraught with desire so powerful it nearly steals his breath away, Draco cannot stop his hands from acting of their own accord. Tentatively, he brings them up to Harry’s unshaven jaw. He does all that he can to reign in any amount of allure he may be inadvertently projecting, but his mind is laden with desire—the desire to finally bond with his mate, the desire to taste the sweetness of his lips, the desire to simply survive—so he cannot be certain whether it is Harry’s own will or pull of the allure that coaxes him into meeting Draco’s lips with his own in a delicate, soft kiss that sends currents of pleasure and magic pulsing through Draco’s veins.

She has such a gorgeous talent.

Tags: harry/draco, rec, squeeeeeee

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