lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Family News!

Well it's been some day for us my dad was taken to the hospital this morning and will be staying the night. He's okay right now just shaken up because all this week he has felt pressure in his chest and both arms and he has had heart attacks before a few years ago now but we are all concerned with this. That's where we all have been most of today and we have informed our family that they will keep him over night for more tests in the morning but they don't think it's his heart that is causing this so we will know more tomorrow I hope.

In better news my sister is graduating from college and getting her masters degree this friday and is getting up in front of everyone and speaking so we will all go see her give her speech and graduate. She is in Genetics with Science something amazing like that. We will all go to her graduation party afterward so that will be fun. Dylan is having a lot of fun with his dad these last few days spending the night with him they have been playing tennis together. I'm not sure how much D is interested in that sport though it's a lot of running and he prefers to sit and play his Wii. *g*

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