lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Lovely art drawn for me :))))

I had to squeee over this lovely artwork drawn for me. My lovely friend daleah drew this art and I adore it's look.

Title: A Kiss under Whomping Willows

Genre: Graphic, digital art

This is just so tender and such a sweet scene, it's so lovely to look at. The details in the tree are perfect what amazing lines. I never tire of just looking at it, it makes me happy. :))))))))))


Tags: art drawn for me, art rec, harry/draco, squeeeeeee

  • Mostly friends only

    I once again messed my sticky post up oops. All personal posts will be locked.

  • Mostly friends only :)

    I will lock my personal posts. I lost my last sticky post and not sure how that happened. 😊

  • Mostly friends only

    I lost my last sticky post somehow how odd. All personal posts will be locked.

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