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More Draco tops Harry goodness

I decided to post part two of my massive list now before I go to bed.

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Sorry for the links not being pretty I am just being lazy with them. :)

Title: In the Interest of Interhouse Cooperation:

Rating: NC-17

This was so easy to love it was funny, witty and oh so hot. It made me laugh many times how can you go wrong with a perverted castle? The room of requirement kept malfunctioning and the way they tried to justify it. LOL! This was rich with amazing dialog and the characters seemed ic, Draco was very snarky just how I love him. Oh and poor Ron really should learn to knock before he just barges in a room without knocking. :)))))))

The fic was so fun and delightful in every way.

Title: Wererotica:

Rating: NC-17

Harry is a shop owner that specializes in Werewolf porn....How can this be a bad thing ever????? The fic is a sexy, porny delight to read I enjoyed it so much. I do have a thing for Draco and Harry to have sex while werewolves even though in this they had sex and didn't turn. But they talk about it and yay for that. I loved the lighthearted sexy feel to this story. Draco was all things sexy and brilliant and Harry was feisty and mouthy.

I *shiver* at knotting in story's and it always manages to fry my brain. Mmmmmmmmmm *yummy* and so kinky. It is only around 2,000 words, yet would love to see another part to this one.

This was free of angst and just made me happy to read it.

Title: What we have, works:

Rating: R

In this fic Harry is so stressed out in real life that he enjoys letting go in the bedroom. That is exactly how I see their relationship working. It just makes sense to me that in the bedroom he let's go of control. I loved the narrative in the story it was brilliant. Draco and Harry dancing and the way Draco took such good care of Harry had me swooning.

He just likes to take charge and he likes to take care of me. Now that is something that I've never experienced, not even as a child. So to have someone do things for me, take care of me, make all the important decisions so I don't have to worry about them...that's about as wonderful as it can get, in my opinion. ← ;____; ♥ Talk about romantic and it makes me melt into happy goo. :))))))))))

Truly this fic made me happy all through it, the only thing was that it ended. I didn't want that to happen at all. :D

Title: Body Logic:

Rating: R

This was a sensual delight to me in all ways. I do so love reading were Draco is a healer...How nice is that??????? Harry was a little shy and had such an amazing tattoo I wish it would be drawn. The ust was strong and I could feel the tension flying around them. I loved the description of Harry's massage's and could feel envious because he had Draco's hands on him. :DDDDDDDDD I do adore Draco's strong capable hands. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Title: Staying Professional:

Rating: NC-17

Okay I need to be honest here the warnings had me wanting to read it asap. She warned for office sex and rimming. *guh* just *guh*

Draco is a Solicitor and has a problem staying professional around his sexy client Harry Potter. I loved Draco's inner voice through the story. He didn't stand a chance with Harry as his tempter. I enjoyed Neville in the story as shop owners with Harry. It was a different take on their usual careers. Brilliant, sexy and oh so very hot....

I find that I wanted this to be so much longer than it was it ended way to soon. I do have a thing for Draco as a Solicitor.

I think I'm done for now. :)

I seem to have a thing for Draco and Harry in every way don't I?????? LOL!
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