lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A perfect H/D story

Title:Three Boxes and a Scrapbook
Word Count:30,493
Warnings:Mention of divorce,Flangst
Summary:One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. But perhaps, what they needed was here all along.

Why I loved it:I loved each and everything about this delightful gem of a story. It was perfect every word was just brilliant. I loved how she wrote the characterization of each and every character. You wanted friends like Bill(Oh I adored her wonderful Bill) and Pansy in your life, they were perfect at knocking some much needed sense into your head. Her secondary characters were well thought out as well. Ron was OMG fantastic and perfect. With the pov mostly being Harry's I could feel his longing and pinning for Draco.

Both Harry and Draco were trying to be strong, yet so very fragile. I felt like their banter and fighting was very realistic and ic. This is an instant favorite story of mine and I will need to re read this often. Some of the story made me a little teary, and some was very funny. A very good balance.

I just adore what the three boxes and a scrapbook represent in her story with what is unfolding throughout Harry and Draco's relationship. The flashbacks work wonderfully with all the little detail she weaves in a perfect amazing bonding fic. The ending makes me melt and suqeeeeeee with happiness. The sex is smoking hot to of coarse, just delicious. :))))))))))

The hd_familyfest sure put out quality fics.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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