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2 fantastic H/D stories

2 H/D stories that are must reads.

Title:Haute Allure
Word Count:12,500
Summary:Harry is famous for his menswear now. Malfoy is the inside leg that he loves running his tape measure up.

Why I loved it:This is one of my favorite fic's from do_me_veela fest. This fic was brilliantly funny and engaging I loved every word. She writes this with so much knowledge for the modeling life(or that is how it seems to me). The fashion world was written perfectly and I loved all the characters in it they were brilliant. I drooled all over my keyboard with the way she described Draco in this, he would make a perfectly *yummy* model. I now want to hunt for Harry working in the design business as a designer. The sex was hot hot hot and I loved the fashion dirty talk. :)))))))

This is fabulous and fun and should be read by every H/D lover.

Title:Quality Quidditch
Word Count:1,902
Warnings:Semi public sex, Hand job, Oral
Summary:Harry is out looking for a new broom.

Why I loved it:I have one main reason for loving this little fic, because of the way she wrote Draco, he was perfectly delightful, sneaky, and a genius Slytherin to the core. I love Draco more than I have in the past and that is saying something. He is called prince of Slytherin for a very good reason. :)

I love Harry and Draco's snarky, fun banter and all the ust flying around the Quidditch shop. I do hope for this one shot turning into more so make sure to read it and beg for more. LOL!

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t even realise he had company until a snide voice broke the silence. “Why, Potter. You seem to be lost. If I recall correctly, the shop next door deals with Exploding Snap Cards and Gobstones.”

Harry nearly dropped the Comet Limited Series Edition he was perusing. He looked up and scowled at his all too familiar companion. “Malfoy,” he grumbled, as the blond sauntered over. “Apparently, this day just couldn’t get worse on its own.”

Malfoy smirked and rolled his eyes. “Because I’m just dying for your company, Potter,” he retorted. “Anyway, if you need a professional’s opinion, I’ll be in the back.”

Before Harry could respond to that, Malfoy was already walking away. Harry glared at his retreating back. He had little time to school his expression as the blond halted and turned around.

“Oh and by the way, I wouldn’t pick that one,” he added. “Not unless you’re planning a riveting game of Swivenhodge with a bunch of First Years.”
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