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My steamy H/D fic

I guess I'm in a reposting mood tonight....I stumbled over this one and I hadn't re-posted it for two years so I thought well why not...

This is a re-post from a couple February's ago(2012), but in honor of Valentine's day coming up and all my new friends I thought I'll post this again...To those I dedicated to originally no need to re read it :)

Title:Befitting A Malfoy
Rating:NC-17 for language and graphic sex :)
Word Count:3,410 yes a lot of words for me :)
Warnings:Nothing but hot Wizards having sex with some of my favorite kinks. top possessive Harry,bottom smirky,vain Draco,rimming,oral and anal sex..I hope this makes you want to read this story... :)
Summery:The Malfoy's are throwing a party and Draco is the singer. Theirs is a secret relationship but both want more...Will they be brave and do something about it???There's no plot really mostly it's a pwp!
Disclaimer:I don't own them but wish it was so cause this would have happened in the epilogue ;)
betaed by the brilliant and amazing leo_draconis any mistakes you find are mine not hers. *Hugs*
This fic is for those friends that wanted me to write about my dream I had the other night so this is dedicated to mae_linda jtsbbsps_dkkitty_fic and for drarryxlover *hugs*

Porn for Valentines

Harry whistled softly, in awe of the beautiful white roses in large, pretty vases on all the tables. Harry nodded at Narcissa across the room but didn't see Lucius nearby.

Narcissa gave him a polite nod back and a half smile. She looked as stunning as always in her deep blue velvet dress robes with her lovely long hair twisted on top of her head. Such a handsome woman, Harry thought. But Draco looks just like his father, except softer since the end of the war.

Unlike Narcissa, Lucius could barely tolerate his presence. He smirked as he thought about what Lucius would say if he knew Harry shagged his son almost daily. His eyes flashed with deep green fire as he envisioned that conversation, his full lips curving softly.

The press of the people milling about the large room made him feel very warm in his clothing. He nervously tugged on the expensive black robes with gold elegantly etched around the cuffs. Draco had helped to dress him and he still wished he was anywhere but there; he hated those affairs. The need to see Draco rushed through his body - he couldn't wait for his lover to make his appearance.

He felt electricity run through him as he watched his lover graciously appear, and it became harder to breathe as the air thickened. Draco was the most gorgeous man in the wizarding world. His robes were an exquisite black with a deep red design that ran down the sides of the garment, and his sinfully long, soft, and silky blond hair was tied back with a black ribbon. His grey eyes looked around the room and he winked at Harry as he passed by, his robes showing off the white shirt tucked into his elegant black trousers. He had the top button undone to tantalize Harry with a clear view of his neck every time he swallowed.

Harry became even more aroused when he noticed the eyeliner. He's wearing eyeliner! Bloody hell, he's going to be the death of me tonight. He tugged on his pure black shirt nervously. He ran his other hand through his hair, messing it up even more than it already was. He softly smiled as he thought of what Draco always said about his hopeless hair.

"Harry, darling," Hermione said as she tugged on his arm. "Stop fidgeting, it makes you look nervous. Draco dressed you, didn't he? You look so handsome tonight in all black."

"Yes, Hermione, Draco helped me tonight, as always. Hey, where's Ron? Did that lucky bastard get out of being here?"

Hermione swatted Harry's arm, "Language, Harry, please. Ron is around somewhere… he just lost me at some point."

"I know you wish you were anywhere but here, but I'm sure you want to hear Draco sing. His voice is just perfect."

"Yes, I love to hear Draco." His eyes darkened to almost black as he thought about Draco and his gorgeous voice. "Mmm... he has the most brilliantly sexy voice. There was this one time that..."

"Stop right there, mate," teased Ron as he joined them. "It's never something I want to know about when you get that look in your eyes and say, 'there was this one time…' It's always about you and Draco in bed and no one wants to hear about that."

"I wouldn't say no one, Ron… I think they are so sexy together," Hermione sighed.

Harry looked at Ron. "Ron, just breathe, mate, it's okay."

"Harry, my wife always says these things and it's disturbing."

Harry opened his mouth to reply but stopped when Draco made his way onto the stage. The lights dimmed as he took the microphone and started to speak. Harry's mind tuned out what Draco was saying because he was always struck by Draco's impossible beauty. He told himself he should listen as he gazed at his lover on stage, the soft light illuminating his pale beauty, making his skin glow and his hair shine. Harry licked his lips as he tried to focus on Draco's words and not his throat or that blasted eyeliner he was wearing… the git knew just what it did to him. He looked and acted perfect and snobbish and Harry felt this sudden sharp desire to mess him up.

Draco started to sing a hauntingly beautiful song and his voice rose effortlessly on a high note. Draco's tenor pitch could hit every note with ease. His voice was steady, sexy, and strong – perfect just like the man himself.

Harry shivered as the music washed over him, caressing his body, and he felt chills run up and down his spine as Draco's voice wrapped around him like liquid sex, consuming him and making him pant after his stunning lover. Harry wanted to drag him off the stage and take him right then and there in front of everyone. He felt a little guilty as the song ended and he realized he'd hardly paid attention to the words in the song. He knew Draco would forgive him since he was wrapped up in his beauty. Draco was impossibly vain about his looks.

The applause was deafening in the room as Draco made his way offstage. He started to move toward them but he stopped to shake some hands and accept the praise people were lavishing on him. The bell sounded signaling time for dinner.

"Well, mate, Draco was brilliant but I'm starving so we're off to dinner!" exclaimed Ron.

Hermione chuckled. "Ron's stomach calls, so we'll talk later."

Harry leaned over and kissed her quickly, his eyes trained on Draco as he made his way toward him. He could smell the spicy cologne Draco wore, which made his mouth water as it penetrated his senses. Draco hasn't gotten to me yet and I'm salivating over him already.

The crowd was thinning quickly, leaving them alone all of a sudden.

"Well, Harry, what did you think?" asked Draco.

"Hmm, well, you are simply the most brilliant singer in the world, as well as the sexiest wizard I have ever seen."

"Of course I am, love," purred Draco.

"And vain as well."

"Harry, I'm never vain... I have eyes and I'm not blind."

Draco turned and Harry assumed he was going to leave for dinner. He suddenly grabbed Draco's arm to stop him, running his fingers over the spot where the Dark Mark was on his forearm, almost as though he could trace it without seeing it. Draco shivered at the light caress through his clothing. "Harry, love... what is on your mind?"

"I love you so much... I want us to stop hiding and tell everyone we're together. 'Mione and Ron know, as well as Pansy and Blaise, of course, but..."

"That isn't enough anymore, right?" whispered Draco, his cool, grey eyes eerily seeing through him.

Harry leaned over instead of answering and softly pressed his mouth to Draco's in a tender, loving kiss.

"Merlin... fuck, I love you so much, Harry, I..."

"Let's go to your room and make love," interrupted Harry.

Draco nodded and pressed his body against Harry's. He Apparated them to his room suddenly, surprising Harry.

Harry lightly caressed Draco's face, his fingertips grazing over his forehead and delicate eyelids. He pressed their mouths together in a hot, crushing, devouring kiss.

Draco wrapped his hand around Harry's neck as he pulled him closer. "Merlin, Harry... need you, want you so badly."

"Need you too... always," groaned Harry as he took off his robe and floated it out of the way.

Draco quickly got rid of his robe with a wave of his hand. He ran his tongue over his lips, impatient for Harry's kiss and touch.

Harry unbuttoned Draco's soft, white shirt and it fell to his wrists. Harry found the ruby cufflinks and removed them, his eyes never leaving Draco's burning gaze, and the fell to the floor. Harry placed the cufflinks on Draco's table and quickly pulled off his own shirt, mindless of the buttons or fabric.

Draco touched Harry's chest, grazing over his nipples, and felt him shiver as his hands moved down his flat, muscled abdomen..

Harry got impatient and spelled their trousers away, kissing Draco as he walked him backward to the bed. Harry nibbled on Draco's jaw line as he made the way to Draco's opulent canopy bed. The red silk sheets looked soft, seductive... beautiful, Harry thought, next to Draco's pale skin.

Draco's legs hit the mattress and he pulled Harry down on top of him. Draco arched up as he rubbed their chests together. "I love to feel your weight on me, makes me feel alive," purred Draco.

"Fuck...." Harry whimpered. His tongue rubbed against Draco's and over each tooth, tasting brandy and something that was just Draco's intoxicating flavor. Suddenly Harry paused and chuckled as he removed his fogged up glasses and set them on the bedside table, his hand trembling slightly.

Draco pulled Harry's lips to his, surrendering to Harry's touch and power. "Fuck... you're gorgeous," groaned Draco as he pressed his swollen cock against Harry's. Draco placed his hands on Harry's spine and moved them down his sweaty back, pressing his hands into Harry's firm arse.

Harry thrust his hips down to create a delicious friction, electric shocks shooting straight to his cock. He started to kiss down Draco's neck, harshly sucking the skin into his mouth. Harry pressed his mouth to Draco's Mark, tracing its outline with his lips. He laved the Marked skin with the tip of his tongue. "Love everything about you," Harry rasped as he sucked Draco's slender, manicured fingers into his mouth.

"Yes, love, more," pleaded Draco as Harry worked his way down his body, licking and tasting everything in his path. "Gods, I love your body."

"Fucking hell, you are such a gorgeous man," moaned Harry as he licked up the precome leaking out of Draco's beautiful, hard cock. He relaxed his throat as he took Draco in as deeply as he could. His hand moved in time with his mouth, slowly rubbing up and down, feeling it twitch slightly.

Draco screamed and arched up, his hips unable to move due to Harry's hands pinning him to the bed. Draco ran his hands through Harry's coarse hair as he cursed. "Fuck yes...ohmerlinfuckmeHarrypleasemerlinnow."

Harry pulled away and smirked at his impatient, desperate lover, and he ran his tongue up Draco's hard cock, watching his lover come undone. His tongue teased the leaking slit. "Fuck, Draco, I love your taste," he growled, his voice low and raspy.

Draco's eyes closed in pleasure as Harry ran his tongue over each bollock. He sucked them into his mouth as his index finger slid inside Draco's body and stretched him open. He found the bundle of nerves inside Draco's passage and dragged over it a few times.

"Gods, Harry... you're killing me," whined Draco. "Fuck me now!"

Harry pulled away. "I love to reduce you, my Slytherin prince, to this - begging me for my cock."

"Git..." Draco chuckled weakly at Harry as he watched him slowly crawl up his body.

Harry whispered a stretching and lubrication spell as his tongue flicked over Draco's earlobe. "I'm yours... forever."

"Yes... mine forever," gasped Draco as Harry sucked on his earlobe. He reached out and started to firmly pump up and down Harry's hard cock, feeling it twitch in his hand.

"Mmm, I love your hand." Harry suddenly flipped them over. "Ride me, love."

Draco's eyes never left Harry's as he lined up their bodies and slowly pushed down. He gave himself a few seconds to get used to the stretch and burn of his lover's cock. He pushed himself up and slowly slid down, stretching his tight hole further open.

Harry's eyes rolled back in his head at the maddeningly slow pace Draco was subjecting him to with his thrusts. He gripped his lover's hips almost brutally and whimpered.

Draco smirked as he leaned over to whisper to Harry, a drop of sweat landing on Harry's face. "Now who's whimpering?" Draco threw his head back, his hair still tied up.

Harry suddenly wanted to see Draco's long, blond hair down on his shoulders as he was slowly fucked and driven almost mad with impatience. Draco rolled his hips and slammed back down. Draco's cock was flushed as it stood out from his groin, and he reached out to stoke himself until Harry stopped him. "I want you to come after me - I have plans for that," Harry promised. He freed Draco's hair from the silk ribbon and watched, transfixed, as it fell to brush his shoulders. "Liquid gold... your hair is always like liquid gold."

Draco grinned. "You've always adored my hair."

"I want to mess it up," growled Harry as he flipped them back over without slipping out of his lovers clenching, hot hole. He felt Draco's inner muscles spasm around his cock. "Fuck, Draco," he snarled as his hips snapped forward, pounding Draco so hard that the bed started to shake with his deep, hard thrusts.

Draco reached up to keep his head from banging against the headboard with each powerful thrust of Harry's hips. He reached out blindly with one hand and found Harry's clenched fist, then put his hand under Harry's and intertwined their fingers.

Harry bent down and ran his tongue up Draco's sweaty neck and laved the bruise forming on his pale skin were he had marked him earlier. His open mouth pressed to Draco's pulse point and he sucked on Draco's delicious flesh.

Draco reached for his hard erection but Harry's batted his hands away. Harry firmly and slowly pumped Draco's slim, hard, leaking cock with his hand as he sped up his hard thrusts. "I'm coming, damn it," he hissed as he spurted into his lovers tight hole.

Before Draco could say anything or even draw a breath Harry moved down his body, sucking his nipples and flicking his tongue over Draco's quivering flat stomach along the way. Harry took Draco's cock into his mouth deeply, tasting the delicious, sexy flavor that made his body weak.

The stimulation was too much and all too soon Draco managed to gasp, "I'm coming...fuck!" as he came inside Harry's wet, warm mouth.

Harry smirked as he licked his lips, tasting the flavor that was all Draco. He lowered his head and ran his tongue over and around Draco's loosened hole.

"Merlin, Harry, you'll be the death of me," Draco told him as he arched his hips off the silk sheets. Harry lapped at the come drizzling out of Draco's opening, collecting every drop. He firmed his tongue and pushed it easily into of his lover, devouring Draco's arse as he cleaned him up with his lips and tongue. Harry laved his inner walls, thoroughly undoing the Slytherin. He finally pulled away reluctantly and crawled up to collapse against Draco's side.

Harry chuckled. "You have never looked sexier with your hair and eyeliner messed up. Damn, I enjoy messing you up, lover."

Draco propped himself up on his elbow to glare at Harry. "Even messy I'm perfect… hell, I'm messy perfection."

"You are that, love."

"So you want to be with me when I tell my parents that we are an item?"

"I'm envisioning the looks of shock on their faces now." Harry's eyes twinkled with an evil excitement.

"Mum and Dad will faint from shock."

"How about we tell them that we will be bonded soon as well?"

Draco gasped. "Harry James Potter, if you think you're going to propose to me, you will do it in a fancy and ridiculously expensive restaurant, and you'll get down on one knee with a obscenely huge diamond that is befitting someone of my station, and -"

Harry shut Draco up the best way he knew how - with his mouth and hands.
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