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My first rec for Rectober :)

Title:Hobson's Choice
Word Count:6,440
Summary:One Dark curse plus one desperate sacrifice leave Harry and Draco with a choice that really isn't much of one at all.

Why I loved it:Her characters were all fantasticly written. Lucius was a sneaky, diabolical bastard. Lucius may have been ruthless, yet she wrote him as a man that would do anything for his family. It felt realistic and believable to me.

Harry and Draco were perfect, it felt like you were in the story, feeling frustrated along with them. The detail and flow of the story was brilliant. The only thing I wished for was it would have been longer. :)


He jumped and turned around so fast that he almost lost his balance and ended up clinging to the arm that reached out to steady him.

"We're all going inside," Andromeda said. She placed her hand over his, where he was holding on to her arm, and gave him a considering look. "Are you feeling all right, dear? I've been trying to get your attention for a minute or so."

"I'm—" The fine Harry's had intended to say disappeared from his mind, as if it had been banished, as he glanced around and realised that almost everyone else was either inside Malfoy Manor already or almost there. "Too hot," he said instead.

After subjecting him to one of those piercing looks that always made him feel five, Andromeda shook her head. "I told you to wear a hat," she said. "Come inside and let's get you cooled down."

The walk across the lawn seemed interminable, and yet Harry found himself hesitating outside the open doors into the Manor. He could feel the cool air reaching out to him, almost like long fingers wrapping themselves around his wrist and trying to pull him inside. He resisted out of habit, as much as anything else.

Tags: harry/draco, rec, rectober

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