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A super sexy H/D must read

This will be my last(official) rec for the great month of September...I have had so much fun this month and will rec more later I'm sure. But I leave you with this yummy fic.

Title:Your Lips Drip Nectar
Word Count:3,800
Warnings:tentacle penetration, sex pollen, dubcon due to sex under the influence of magic
Summary:A trip to Neville's new greenhouse has unexpected results.

Why I loved it:This fic is delightfully hot and oh so *delicious* The details in the story are a delight and what a super naughty plant. I also felt like I was in the room with them with all the detail kitty used when telling this sexy and hot story.

This story is short and sweet so you need to read it if you haven't yet. You will be so glad you did, it will brighten your day. And this is just one of the many lines that made me shiver while reading this story....He crawls forward, closing the distance between them even as the thin vine twists it's way further up his arm. Draco's skin feels soft and warm, familiar yet new, and the sensation sends a shiver down Harry's spine. The tiny flowers are crushed between them as he drags Draco closer. More tendrils wrap around their bodies, tying them together.

Herbology sex in a greenhose is FTW!

Excerpt(optional):"I think you'll be particularly interested in the potential uses for potions." Neville continues. "That aspect alone is mind-boggling." He glances at Harry's hands in search of the plant before his eyes drift down to the floor of the greenhouse instead.

"Sorry about the plant Nev. I wasn't expecting anyone to..." Trying to apologise is a lost cause, as neither of them are paying him any attention any longer. “Never mind." Harry rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

Draco's back is turned to Harry and he drops to his knees, next to the plant. "Is this it then?" Draco asks, his voice full of awe as he scoops it up.

Spotting the bulb on the ground, Neville's face falls, but instead of leaning down with Draco to retrieve it, he takes a step back. "Malfoy... wait," Neville calls out.

Suddenly, the tiny plant explodes in a thick cloud of pollen. Harry rushes forward to Draco's side, coughing as he breathes in the fine powdery substance. He tries to cover his face with his arm, but it's too late. His eyes water and his throat constricts. He swallows once and attempts to breathe in through his nose in an effort to stop coughing, but it sets him him to sneezing instead. He gasps for breath, but only manages to suck in more of the contaminated air.

When he is finally able to stop sneezing, Harry looks around. Draco is in a similar state, crouched down on the floor, but when he looks up, he sees Neville backing slowly away. He appears to be in a state of shock, but is otherwise unaffected-- protected by a clear air bubble around his head.

"I think you're going to need some privacy," Neville mumbles as he backs up another step.

Harry doesn't quite understand what that's supposed to mean.

"Sorry. it really can't be helped now. The plant's effects... um.... at that dose, the pollen can have a rather intense... intimate effect. It's rarely seen in such quantities, but..." His face turns a bright shade of red. "You'll see soon enough, but I should really be going. I think you'll find it's rather immediate."
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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