lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Pimpin the Zombies yay!

If you love zombies and HP this is definatley for you. :))))))

hp_zombiefest - where HP and zombies collide

1) The final date for sending in your artwork or story will be December 7, 2013. Of course, you can ask for a deadline or simply dropout by sending in a mail to I understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and you are completely free to opt out.
2) You can choose to stick to the zombie theme or opt to include ANY magical creature.
3) Minimum word limit is 400 words.
4) Please remember that this is an anonymous fest.
5) Beta read fics are obviously appreciated by everyone.
6) Sign up by commenting on this post or sending an email to
7) When sending in your fics, please make sure you include Title, penname, summary, rating, warnings and A/N(optional).
8) When sending in artwork, please include Title, name, rating, medium of work.

December 7, 2013: Contributions due
December 12, 2013: Posting starts
December 20, 2013: Masterlist revealed
Tags: banner, pimp, pimpin

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