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A H/D must read

Title:Whispers in the Dark
Word Count:5,300
Warnings:Angst, serious injury and related fear of death
Summary:Before Harry has chance to do anything about the feelings he has been developing for none other than Draco Malfoy, an attempt on Malfoy’s life leaves him with only five days to live. Over five days, Harry clings to every last hope he has and discovers that when two people are meant to be, old magic will work in the most mysterious of ways.

Why I loved it:This is one angsty and intense story to read yet brilliant. I had so much love for the story and the beautiful graphics throught it. I adored Hermione... Draco needed her badly, she was such a help. All the characters were well written. I love the way she wrote this. The tone, pace, and narrative voice were so compelling from the beginning. This story really makes you think...What would you do if your days were numbered? The ending is all things lovely and wonderful of coarse. This is me and I only read happy endings. I do so love an exciting, angsty story :)))))

It’s dark and the midnight breeze chills Harry as he walks through the streets where he has no business at all.


He knows it isn’t the sort of place he should be by himself at night. Even after the war, there are plenty of people who use his name like a curse and plot his downfall with gleeful purpose.

Harry knows he is lucky to have survived this long. In all of the madness after the war the necessary caution had been exercised and steps had been taken to ensure Harry wouldn’t come to any harm.

He finds the spot he was looking for and his hand ghosts over the stone. There is blood there still, which nobody has bothered to clean and a thrum of dark magic hangs in the air. There is a stench of decay and the wind twists and shivers.

He thinks he hears a whisper and he turns.


Only silence and the sound of rats scratching against the floor down a nearby alley. Lights flicker around him, casting an eerie glow around the place and he shivers. Nobody thought to protect a former Death Eater when they were so busy protecting Harry and other high profile Order members and Ministry officials.

Harry hears the rustle of paper and sees a muddied copy of that morning’s Prophet. It proclaims in bold font that Malfoy only has five days to live. The press aren’t supposed to know that and Harry wonders how they found the details of the curse which hit Malfoy square in the chest. He skims the article and it is all there – every detail that should be confidential.

Harry feels a rush of anger, but there is no time for vendettas. They only have one focus now.

Harry looks at the picture and for once the photograph is still.
Tags: harry/draco
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