H/D Sinners and Saints *sighs*

Pimpin a couple fests. 😊

Join the dracotops_harry fest 2021.
Prompting will begin on January 18.
Claiming will begin on February 1, 2021 around 11 am ET.
Each prompt can be claimed once for fic and once for art.
Submissions are due on March 19, 2021 &
Posting will begin on April 1.

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art by digthewriter
hp_sweethearts | banner art by digthewriter

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Tag Nominations will close on December 23rd.

November- foggy icon

Pimpin a fest

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Come join us at newyearcntdown! We're a fun December themed fest -- works posted every day from December 1st to December 31st. You can choose to a small challenge of 8 works in the month to aiming to post one for each day of the month. It's up to you! We have 50 prompts to choose from and it's a lot of fun. Join us! Sign ups are now open until the end of November and we'd love to have you!