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This fic is amazing so very funny and sexy. I laughed so many times during their conversation. I can't believe 11 writers wrote this Masterpiece it was sexy,adorable and sweet.

Correction Fluid Summary:
Once in a while, someone has a truly good idea.

For Aziraphale, that idea was inviting Crowley to do their taxes together.

For us, it was opening a shared Google document and going feral.

Your authors today are: Lurlur, Brynncognito, D20Owlbear, EdnaV, FlygonRider, Kearatheshadow, Robynthemagpie_Writes, Samvelg, Seashadows, Write_away, WyvernQuill

A small excerpt:There was something about the way that Aziraphale caught his eye as he extended the invitation. It made Crowley’s pulse race and his palms sweat. It was a nonsensical reaction, there was nothing about the sentence that warranted any reaction above a bored yawn and sarcastic eye-roll, and yet, he could hardly help noticing how the angel’s cheeks were flushed with anticipation when he said it. [1]

“Crowley, would you like to come over and, uh,” He paused, the tip of his tongue wetting his lips. “Do our taxes?”

What kind of an invitation was that, anyway? Who even did their taxes these days?

Not Crowley, that was for sure. [2]

But saying no to Aziraphale was not something which Crowley was exactly in the habit of doing. No matter how much he delighted in doing exactly the opposite of whatever was generally required or expected of him, that instinctual urge to be a misbehaving little shit had never extended to Aziraphale. Kind of the opposite really, he’d even tried to before and the word had always stuck in his throat. So he stuttered a yes and a half-joking line about bringing the rubber.

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16 October 2019 @ 06:30 pm
Save the date banner for the Salt & Pepper fest 2020
14 October 2019 @ 05:21 pm
My good friend heyurs gave me the idea so I will throw one with lots of food,drinks and cake. 🎃🎃🎃

Party under the cut

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12 October 2019 @ 10:02 pm

banner by capitu

Happy Froday everyone for my next recs I will post some lovely Sam/Frodo stories.

A Patchwork Family Series

By lbilover
Rating:Teen to Explicit
Summary:A Patchwork Family is a series of Post-Quest AU Frodo/Sam stories in which Frodo rescues an abused, abandoned blue whippet that he names Huan. Through the love and devotion of Sam and Huan, Frodo is healed and able to remain in Middle-earth. These are mostly gentle stories with no more than a Teen rating, and feature some humor, some fluff, some angst, some hurt/comfort, but mostly lots and lots of love. They are listed below as much as possible in chronological order. If you are new to this verse, 'Huan', 'Out of Shadow, Into Light' and 'A Journey to the Havens' are the most important stories to read.

I can hardly express how much I adore this beautiful, amazing, brilliant heart warming series. This is just what makes me warm and fuzzy to read. I go to it often and just re read whatever catches my eye. It is such a delightful series so captivating and engaging. I adore the way she writes both Sam and Frodo it is so ic to me. It is how I would picture their life together.

I could go on and on with love for this series. It is worth each and every word. She has such a talent with writing them both. It is glorious to escape into their world and feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket. :)))))))

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12 October 2019 @ 12:21 pm
come join hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by , Banner by capitu
10 October 2019 @ 07:03 pm

The Ice Royals Valentine's Extravaganza hosted over at dw
Prompting: September 14th - 30th
Claiming: October - January 2nd
Works due: January 14th
Posting starts: February 14th

Join The Harry Potter rarepair_shorts WINTER EXCHANGE FEST
Sign ups open on October 22

art by anokaba
08 October 2019 @ 03:02 pm
I have posted this before yet it is one of the best stories. 😈

Title:Burning The Ground
Word Count:10,300
Warnings:dub-con, bondage (sort of), knotting, rough sex
Summary:"Strap him down," someone said, and Harry felt the rage thicken inside him -- the viscous fear.

Magical bindings pulled taut around his wrists . . . He felt a wand touch his arm and then a sharp bite as something punctured the skin, and a sweet, cool tonic rushed his veins.

His breathing slowed. His eyelids drooped. The ceiling went grey and dark. And then he heard a woman's voice sigh, "Someone, get Healer Malfoy."

Why I loved it:I can hardly get out how much I looooooved this hot as hell fire fic. I needed oxygen throughout reading it because I forgot to breath. You should read this all the time at least once a week. It hit all my werewolf kinks perfectly. Not only was the sex *delicious* and mouth watering but the way she wrote each sentence was well thought out. I have a thing for scent and Harry can't get enough of Draco's. *rawr*

The plot and character development was at times funny and very enjoyable.

Oh and this line was pure brilliant poetry..... Only excitement. Only hot, delirious wonder. Only the ecstatic movement of blood through his body and the breathless sense of vertigo. Vertigo of the soul. Wow just wow!

Draco was a healer as well and a tidy, neat individual. He ended up with a super hot and desperate for him Harry, who could rip that world apart. :)))))))

My own thought on dub con she warned for that but I didn't really feel like it was.


"Jesus, Malfoy," Potter breathed. "You smell bloody fantastic."

Draco hesitated, almost pulled back, but then swallowed and continued his examination, feeling down Potter's throat to his lymph nodes. "Heightened sense of smell is common."

"Oh, I'm aware of that," Potter sneered, laughing mirthlessly. "If only you knew what I could smell on you."

Draco stiffened, embarrassed despite himself. He'd bathed before he'd come in. He felt foolish, but he wanted to ask if Potter was insinuating he should wash more thoroughly or if it was his socks or...something else entirely.

Potter laughed again. "Don't look so worried, Draco. Fantastic doesn't always equal lunch."

Draco scoffed and amplified Potter's heartbeat with his wand. "What do I care if you like how I smell, Potter?" he said. His own pulse sped up.

Potter went silent then and they both listened to his pounding heart.
06 October 2019 @ 08:59 pm
I will post some brilliant and fantastic Ineffable Husband fics. Not sure if anyone reads Good Omens but I have to post my lovely new otp.

On The Necessity of a Temptation by darcylindberg Summary:
“Let’s get lunch,” Crowley said, sauntering into the bookshop one October afternoon, his hair a little windswept and his cheeks a little pink from the chill, “what do you think, Le Café du Marché?”

Whatever it was that was waiting to give inside Aziraphale’s chest snapped like a twig. He didn’t even like French food.

“Crowley,” Aziraphale said, setting down his book with an argumentative slap. “You don’t even like French food.”

The world hadn’t ended, which was all well and good. If only this had. This, of course, being lunch.


*This is so funny and clever her writing style is just fun and enjoyable to read.

Team Ineffable-A Pokemon Gomens Story by WyvernQuill Summary:
"Ngk. I am. Actually." Crowley puffed up his chest. "Local highscore holder in Pokémon. Champion, that's me."

"No!" Aziraphale gasped. Crowley's preening intensified. "What an honour!"

"I know the... the pokydox by heart." He boasted proudly, and reveled in the adoring looks Aziraphale was throwing him.*

*He had the nagging feeling that this might come back to bite him.

"I'll have to tell my godson I met you!" Aziraphale exclaimed brightly.*

*Yup, there it was.

More under the cut
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05 October 2019 @ 09:42 pm
Time for ....

banner by capitu

Title:A Multitude of Sins
Word Count:40k
Warnings:Non-Magic AU, First person POV, Angst, Alcoholism, Self Harm, torture, Minor Character death(Not Harry or Draco), Heresy and breaking religious vows.
Summary Peter:4:8-Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Why I loved it: This was a story written for the hd_hurtfest and I usually shy away from those stories since I'm such a whimp. This was one of the best stories I think I have ever read and it tugged at my heartstrings so beautifully.

Draco was broken and lonely dealing with a painful divorce and alcoholism. This Draco broke my heart and I found myself falling for him. Harry was a priest struggling with his love for the church and his growing feelings for Draco. I could feel all his pain and anguish as he tried to do what he knew he had to do. The church was safe and there for him while he was growing up. I could understand why Harry did what he was doing, yet he couldn't deny his love for Draco.

The plot moves along at such a perfect pace, the character development and UST is so believable. This fic had a way of pulling you into it with a strong feeling of hope, joy and pain. They were full of past disappointments and struggles, yet you wanted them to reach for a life together. The side characters were wonderful and she fit in so many little details to cannon. The flirting and making love was *deliciously sexy*

The ending was all things lovely and touching. It was ambiguous and yet a little hopeful which is why I can rec it to others and tell you to read it... I will have to read it again myself.

I really have a hard time finding the right words to describe this story it's just so painfully beautiful. It actually made me feel so many feels when I read about her Harry and Draco. This made me laugh and cry, yet filled me with so much hope.
04 October 2019 @ 04:53 pm
I have saved these for Rectober and they are all brilliant fun must reads. These are assorted Drarry and Johnlock fics. All highly approved by me :)

Bumpy Roads Aheadby carpemermaid. Summary:
Harry's journey to discovering and accepting himself as bisexual is a long and bumpy one that ends with wanting to tell one more person that's become very important to him. An exploration of coming to terms with sexuality told in vignettes.

Sweet Dreams by NovaNara Summary:
John has plans. Sherlock is only too happy to comply. This story has consensual Somnophilia
so skip it if that isn't something you enjoy.

Feedback Loops by J_Baillier
While John tries to deal with his sister, Sherlock is forced to take on a neurosurgical trainee.

The Oolong Disaster by unicornpoe Summary:
John has a beard. Sherlock has a panic attack.(I can not blame Sherlock I too love a bearded John.

Licence to Kiss by fellshish Summary:
Sherlock loves John, and John loves... James Bond. He only made Sherlock watch every single film. Tedious. And now John's birthday is coming up. Sherlock can't tell him how he feels, but he can organise an amazing gift: John's very own spy adventure. Sherlock begs Mycroft for a real case with some extra gadgets. And perhaps some actors pretending to be criminals. What could possibly go wrong?

Set right after ASIB.

Morning's Hush by astudyinrose Summary:
There should be fireworks or a national parade for this sort of revelation instead of this: two people having a conversation in the dying light of an April evening, prompted by almost nothing, but almost a decade too late.

Or, Sherlock and John finally get the happy ending they deserved.

More under the cut
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03 October 2019 @ 07:37 pm
For Rectober I will post some brilliant Drarry stories I have enjoyed some over and over.

These stories are amazing the first is lighthearted fun. The second is multi chaptered just soooooo brilliant. You find yourself invested in their lives and care about what happens to everyone. She builds up tension and pinning so beautifully. Do yourself a favor and read this gem.

Harry's Crush by lettersbyelise Summary:
Ever get that feeling you're being talked about behind your back? Harry doesn't, he's too busy being stupidly, obviously besotted with the guy in the lab downstairs.
A fic where the interdepartment betting war at the Ministry gets out of hand, Millicent and Hermione get scheming, Harry Potter ends up wearing black eyeliner, and everybody ends up getting more than they bargained for.

Burn The Witch by lettersbyelise Summary:
When Harry Potter is sent in to investigate Draco Malfoy’s successful potions company, posing as Draco’s bodyguard, he doesn’t know the case will launch a series of events that will change his life — and Draco’s.
A story about choices, scars, Chopin piano pieces, and finding all kinds of love in the most unexpected places.

The Way These Days Seem to Go by firethesound
Stress baking isn’t a hobby Harry ever thought he’d pick up, but he’s surprised to find how much it helps him to get through those long months post-war. It keeps his hands busy, it keeps his mind occupied, and when Draco Malfoy steadily pushes his way back into Harry's life, it helps with that too.

The Last Day We Ever Close Our Eyes by firethesound Summary:
When Draco Malfoy returns to the public eye by purchasing a run-down little antiques shop on Knockturn, Harry is convinced that he is up to something. It turns out that Harry is both very right and very wrong about that.

The Past is Just a Goodbye by oldenuf2nb Summary:
New Auror Scorpius Malfoy has mysteriously disappeared after asking a particularly inconvenient favour from his best friend’s father.

This is part 9 in the If Wishes Were Children series. Such a glorious series she has Harry as a DADA professor and Draco as a potions researcher *swoons* Just read everything she writes it is all brilliant.

The More Things Change by oldenuf2nb Summary:
Harry Potter has been many things in his busy, varied, celebrated life, but the most important of those has never changed.

For The First Time and Forever by MarchnoGirl
After five years of isolation, Draco opens Malfoy Manor and himself up again to the Wizarding World. Harry Potter's reappearance is anything but expected.

A story about metaphorical fireworks, literal fireworks, and a succession of very annoying sentient pieces of furniture.

Night Changes by writcraft Summary: Draco and Harry have spent years dancing around one another, but Potter’s straight and married. Until one day he isn’t.

Handcuffs by fantasyfiend09 Summary: Draco is celebrating his 30th birthday with his parents on their private island. Showing up without a date is not an option.

Salt on the Western Wind by saras_girl Summary:
When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected. [Smoochfest 2012]

You should just read everything she writes because it's all beyond amazing.
02 October 2019 @ 07:35 pm

banner by capitu

I will start things off with some Johnlock hair pulling. I do have a thing for that in fics. xoxoxoxo

Hair by evenlodes_friend Summary:
They had been lovers for nearly two months, and the hair moratorium was still in place. To John’s complete frustration.

Your hair could be purple, I wouldn't care by allonsys_girl Summary:
Sherlock's in a strop about his hair, and John makes it all better.

Fourteen musings about Sherlock and John by CWB
This is a short collection of my imaginations of John and Sherlock as a couple. The timing is loosely post-Mary (because in my village, there is no more Mary), and they're in it for the long haul, so make of that what you will.

Pull by philalethia Summary:
John pulls Sherlock's hair in a moment of frustration. Sherlock is surprised to find that he enjoys it.

More under the cut

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28 September 2019 @ 04:01 pm

It's that time of the month again! teacup_society is having it's September's tea cup party. Won't you join us>
25 September 2019 @ 04:49 pm
Join The Harry Potter rarepair_shorts WINTER EXCHANGE FEST
Sign ups open on October 7
22 September 2019 @ 02:40 pm
I forgot to download my own community's SLC banner from tinypic so it is gone. I took away the annoying frowny face and just added another picture for now. I didnt know if it would work but it did yay. Just click my new pic and you can go to my recipe community.

I may add a cupcake pic later.

happy november evening.jpg
19 September 2019 @ 03:26 pm

art by anokaba
12 September 2019 @ 07:19 pm
You never know how much or how little tv you watch until you fill this out. Put a heart by the shows you have watched more than 10 episodes of: 😁 Dont judge me.

Snagged from mahmfic

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31 August 2019 @ 10:06 am

It's that time of the month again! teacup_society is having it's August's tea cup party. Won't you join us>